Fierce Females In Science Fiction

The femme fatale is an essential convention throughout science fiction literature. An archetype of the sci fi genre, the femme fatale uses her cunning and seductive prowess to achieve her goals, whether for good or for evil. Many authors and film directors have made effective use of this type of feminine character by highlighting a few key traits.
First and foremost, the femme fatale in science fiction is self-reliant. She is never a damsel in distress or a helpless heroine. She relies on her instinctive knowledge of communication skills to slyly manipulate her way into or out of any situation. She makes use of her beauty, wit and charm to effectively disarm any would-be attackers.
As recognizable as the femme fatale may be for her good looks, she is also just as noteworthy for her intelligence. Femme fatales are never dim-witted stereotypes. Rather, they are ever-ready and always capable. They can lend clever insight to a plan or devise a quick scheme to evade capture. Whatever the situati More info: sci fi femme fatale

How To Become A Government Proposal Writer

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