The Concept Of Artficial Turf

Artificial turf is a surface produced from synthetic fibers that is made to appear natural grass. It is usually used in stadiums for sports, which were initially or are usually played on grass. Nevertheless, it is now being employed on commercial applications and residential lawns as well. The main reason of using artificial turf is its easiness for maintenance. Artificial turf withstands heavy use, for instance in sports, and necessitates no irrigation or trimming. Partially covered, covered, and domed stadiums might entail artificial turf since there is a difficulty of having grass that resists several limiting factors for its growth and development. However, artificial turf has its own drawbacks that include: periodic cleaning requirements, petroleum use, limited service life, as well as health and safety concerns in relation with children.

The following are the advantages of using artificial turf:
• It can be a superior solution when the environment is principally unfriendly to natural grass. In th

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