Independent Voters Are A Diverse Group

An independent voter is someone who, for one reason or another, chooses not to be affiliated with either major political party. Though usually identified as centrist, independent voters can also be from the far right or far left of the political spectrum. For instance, a socialist might not identify with the Democratic Party and thus, not register as a Democrat. Likewise, libertarians might not identify with the Republican Party and therefore remain an independent voter who might vote with the Republican party on some issues, but with the Democrats on others. The most common kind of independent voter is the undecided voter, or swing voter, who might vote for either a Democrat or Republican.

Republican And Democrat Differences

As people grow up and reach the legal age to vote they must make an important decision. They must decide if they support a member of congress who is a republican or democrat. Republicans believe that the money that they have earned is theirs so they should decided how to use it. Democrats on the other hand believe that the government has a right to redistribute wealth among all citizens in a society if it is necessary. Republicans also feel that the Constitution gives them rights and freedoms that the government cannot take them away. Democrats believe that the Constitution does not guarantee freedom of religion or the right to own property. More info: difference between republican and democrat

Sun Burn Remedies

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